Why ‘Uroko’?

In Japanese the word Uroko means "scale", as in the scale of a fish or serpent, and there is a Japanese proverb, "me kara uroko ga ochiru", which translates literally, 'scales fall from one's eyes'.  The actual meaning of the expression in English is akin to seeing things in a new light, or waking up to the truth.

But that's not the only reason I chose 'Uroko' as a title. 

People who believe in massive conspiracies are seldom taken seriously.  Take 9/11 for example.  Most reject out of hand that something so big could have been an "inside job", and those that entertain such notions are regarded as "conspiracy theorists", a term which of late has become increasingly derisive and synonomous with "kook" or "nut-job". 

However, conspiracies do take place.  A conspiracy is simply where 2 or more people conspire to do something unlawful … people are arrested for it all the time.

Our hesitancy to entertain the idea that large conspiracies really take place stems from various things, I believe, simple incredulity being one, a natural reluctance to entertain the idea that hundreds of participants could stay silent maybe being another.   Most of all probably, we are repelled by the thought that our elected leaders could be willing participants in large nefarious plots resulting in the unnecessary starting of wars, the deaths of innocent citizens, or, the murder of a well-loved American president.

This thinking is natural and what one should expect from any good-natured individual, however it short circuits many from ever considering evidence of alleged conspiracies on their merits and, unfortunately, is fundamentally flawed.  It fails to take into account the fact that the United States government is not the pinnacle of power in America.   There is a power behind the government of the United States (and the same is true for the vast majority of countries throughout the non-Islamic world).   L. Frank Baum wrote about this invisible power, or, "man behind the curtain", in his children's books about the land of Oz back in the early 20th century when the "robber barons" of America had barely gotten their foot in the door.

A hundred years later, the descendents and corporate hiers of those robber barons now have their feet, hands, elbows and @sses in the door.  They control the monetary system of the United States through the Federal Reserve by which they can create booms and busts at will.  They wield pervasive influence over government via their support of (or opposition to) political campaigns and through organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations.  And, they manipulate how we think via their control over much of the content of the mainstream media, both news and entertainment, as well as a fair amount of control over what is taught in our schools.

Since the turn of the millenium and the attacks of 9/11, concurrent with America's governent becoming increasingly unresponsive to the will of its people and the world going to hell in a handbasket, internet traffic has gone through the roof, alternate news sites on the internet have become a source of  information for more and more people, and increasing numbers are beginning to see the dog and pony show for what it is.  Meanwhile movies like the D'aVinvi Code and National Treasure and their sequels did well at theaters,  9/11 truth groups and websites exploded in numbers, the internet lit up with sites purporting to expose secret organizations like the "Illuminati", and age-old charges of a "masonic conspiracy", or a "Zionist (or Jewish) conspiracy" have fostered hot-debate.

And I got curious.

What I have discovered after years of scratching my head, is that there IS and has been for centuries a sort of "conspiracy" at work, that top Freemasons have long been a part of it, that certain Jewish banking dynasties also are and have long been important players, but that a Christian element constitutes a substantial part of this thousand year + old partnership, and is distinctly Norman/Viking in its heritage.  Astoundingly, a disproportionately large percentage of the people running America both now and in the past descend from Norman ancestors who actually fought on the battlefield of Hastings in 1066 alongside Duke William of Normandy, who upon William's seizing the English throne were awarded  lands, title, and a place at the table in the running of the Anglo (eventually Anglo-American) world for their future descendants.  Furthermore, I discovered that the ancestors of both the Christian-Norman and Jewish-Germanic sects which, broadly speaking, make up the bulk of our modern "men behind the curtain", came on to the scene in Europe at exactly the same time, specifically in the later 9th century when Rollo and his Vikings invaded northern France just as the Magyars and Kabars arrived in Hungary from the East.

I had long suspected that greed alone could not fully account for the various historical alliances between the Jewish and Christian elite, going back to the partnership between Jewish merchants and the hiers and descendants of the Templar knights in Spain and Portugal during the Age of Discovery, the mirror of that arrangement between Freemasons and Jewish investors in the East India Companies of Britian and Holland between the 17th and 19th centuries, and following that period the close ties between a number of wealthy American families (most of which descend from Normans who fought with William the Conqueror) and Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff at Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the Rothschilds in England and France, and the Warburgs in Germany.

That's why I about fell off my chair was when I discovered that the Vikings and the Huns weren't strangers – the two ethnic groups were connected at the hip.  (!!!)

Finally, I felt I had caught a glimse of the forest, and decided that those proclaiming a "Jewish conspiracy" were looking at the trees.  Once one has considered fully the Norman/Viking element which also fed the spring from which our ruling elite evolved, the cutural and ancestral links between conquering groups like the Vikings, Franks and Huns as well as the Magyar/Hun-Kabar alliance, and finally, has seen how these groups were all branches of the same ancient plundering, conquering culture, the world begins to make a lot more sense.  

Some might think that 1000 year old history is all but irrelevant.  I would say, yes, that might be true for you or me.   But not necessarily for others who might place far more importance on blood-lines and ancient cultural roots.  Every summer in northern California for 2 weeks hundreds of the world's elite gather in the Bohemian Grove to blow off steam – and for their entertainment a mock human sacrifice, referred to as the 'Cremation of Care', is performed in front of a giant statue of an owl called 'Moloch' (I'm not kidding).  Why!??  Why would anyone be interested in putting on, or watching something like this???


I did not touch on the Bohemian Grove in 'Uroko', but I did address the skull and bones symbol, and its shared use by the Templar knights, Freemasonry, and the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale.  There's far more to the story however.  

It turns out that both the Vikings and Huns shared a tradition of drinking from the skulls of their conquered foes!

Call me morbid, but I'm always interested in anything to do with skulls – the use of the skull and crossbones symbol by the Templar Knights, Freemasons, Yale U.'s Skull and Bones fraternity … or the celebratory drinking from the skulls of conquered foes by Viking and Hunnic tribes.  I had long noticed that these practices were always connected to what I percieved as "dragon-cults" … then I learned that our words for scale and skull share the same etymological root.!

Also, in delving into the roots of the current ruling-elite I (and others) have noticed a conspicuous number of family crests which feature a series of 3 scallop shells.   This is the same scallop shell of the Shell Oil company logo.  Bust my buttons, if it doesn't turn out that our word SCALLOP also derives from the same root as 'skull' and 'scale'.  (There's another article I have to write!)

So, what do these scallop shells on all these family crests of elite families really represent?   – it's code.   Skulls and scallops are signposts of dragon-elite (hence "scale") heritage.   That's really a big part of the reason why I chose 'Uroko' as a name for my website, "movie" and book (in the works).  

Dragon worship is very very old, but appears to have picked up speed somewhere around 5000 years ago when Sumerian astronomers looked up at the night sky and noticed a certain 'S' shaped string of stars at true polar-north around which the other constellations, which they had been busy naming, appeared to revolve.   They decided this string of stars resembled a dragon and named it Draco.  And so as Draco ruled the heavens, the priest-kings of Sumer decided the dragon was a fitting symbol for their own divine status.

The Sumerian "pyramid-shaped" hierarchical society model was very successful, influencing (and/or evolving in tandem with) that of Egypt, the Levant and the Indus Valley.   It spread east from India to China, north from the Mediterranean coasts of the Levant and Egypt into Greece, Thrace and Anatolia.  It slithered its way to Meso-America, if one accepts the many clues at face value, and finally it overtook Europe when the Vikings, Franks and eastern Hunnic tribes converged there following the fall of the Roman Empire.

Everywhere this conquering culture went, the dragon (in symbol and myth) followed, and this is the real ancestral history of the ruling elite.  It's not a "Jewish conspiracy" to run the world, it's not a "freemasonic conspiracy" to run the world.  Nor is it a "Norman conspiracy", despite the fact that, like many of the Templar knights, nearly all of the American tycoons involved in the hijacking of America over a century ago were Norman.   These are all  aspects of elitist "dragon-culture".  They are all simply branches on the same tree.

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  1. Elreb said,

    Just love your website and the name “Uroko”.
    I also liked my neighbor “Totoro” when I lived there. 

  2. admin said,

    Wow, so few are familiar with Totoro. 

    So well loved in Japan – I actually visited the Ghibli museum once … frickken great. 



  3. Elreb said,

    As they say in Hawaii…the music gives you “Chicken Skin”…

  4. Elreb said,

    Boy…that was just what I needed…4 hours of Joe Hisaishi…
    You need a threat on Japan…unless you already have one…that includes the influence of Douglas MacArthur on the Japanese people.
    Imagine if Iraq “did not” have a bunch of “Cracker” generals, but instead someone who care about the people more than awards.   

  5. admin said,

    Yes, I think it can be said that MacArthur did go a long way toward healing wounds here, the results of his real concern for the Japanese is still evident.  

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for producing Uroko the movie and this website.
    I have just begun to explore after following you and elreb here from P4T.
    My spinning head owes much to you.
    Japanese cartoons?! I'm like, dumbstruck…

  7. elreb said,

    Barry…Sanders gets all the credit…

  8. elreb said,

    Barry check this out…
    And this…

  9. elreb said,

    “Ur-Oko”…are you kidding me…
    Ur-ban, Ur-iyah, Ur-fa…Ur-iah the Hethite…
    However, I'm making progress on 'my book', titled 'Uroko' (english = scale)

  10. elreb said,

    -That was meant to be a “Positive” statement

  11. admin said,

    You're writing a book titled 'Uroko' too?   What a coincidence!   (/sarc).    Thanx 4 your support.   Actually, I am making progress …. slowly LoL.   

  12. Donald Chase said,

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  13. admin said,

    Thank you Donald, thank you very much.   Actually, my thoughts on this subject aren't original, they are ANCIENT.

    I GREATLY appreciate your comment.  I hope you can read the other pieces and comment, this is the deep stuff, and, really, IMO, it imparts on our world and what’s going on as we speak.

  14. freemasons are good gnostic christians

  15. admin said,

    @ Peter de Grayden:


    Uhhm, it took ten years of digging to figure this out, and I don’t proclaim to have gotten there, but I’m starting to feel like my world-view is close to the truth. There were “good” freemasons and “traitorous” (with regard to the American experiment pertaining to a national and individual sovereignty) freemasons. Your statement, “freemasons are good gnostic Christians” is entirely, and deeply, correct – which got them, and in particular their ancient, gnostic Cathar brothers, in trouble with the Catholic Church. 40 years of murder in southern France was the result.

    Benjamin Franklin & George Washington were masons of a pro-liberty camp, while they were opposed by masons of the Scottish Rite in America, a pro-British/Feudalist camp centered in Essex county near Boston where Norman aristocracy, families like the Cabots, Higgensons and Lowells amassed great fortunes trading in slaves and opium, with the expressed consent of the (later-to-be-dismantled-by Queen-Victoria, after being informed of the horrors being inflicted by that institution on the people of India) British East India Company.

    Those families, descended from Normans (Vikings intermarried with the local Francs in what was designated Normandy a thousand years ago, and who conquered England not long after), tried everything they could to destroy the dangerous American experiment. They maneuvered to derail the American republic in its infancy, and failed, they invited the war of 1812, which Britain lost, they fomented the north-south crisis which led to the Civil War, which they (on the Southern side) lost again.

    Then they reconsidered, and went underground. They took our country over, this time, by stealth. Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment …. institutions like these stuck their claws into our country while their leaders bought up our media and started dumbing down the population through their (hard-won) control over the content of what our teachers teach from kindegarden through university.

    The Gnostics of southern France were exterminated by the Catholic Church in the 13th century. The “good” faction of the Freemasons, those of Franklin & Washington, died out after William Morgan threatened to expose the secrets of Masonry and was murdered. This Scandal resulted in the eventual closure of the pro-American freemasonic lodges – leaving only the pro-feudalist Scottish Rite lodges to do as they pleased.

    I’ll bet that William Morgan thought that he was to expose certain secrets of Masonry in order to provoke a public outcry, which would close down those lodges which belonged to the pro-American Franklin/Washington/Lafayette branch. I doubt he knew that his own murder would make the whole affair doubly effective.

    The result of Morgan’s murder, over the threat of his divulging Masonic secrets, and the public attention which the scandal provoked, was the death of the pro-liberty (pro-American, anti-Feudalist, anti-Scottish-Rite) Masonic presence in the United States. Lodges across the country eventually closed their doors under the scrutiny, but somehow the Scottish Rite – committed to destroying the dangerous anti-feudalist “American ideal”, was largely unaffected, and remained intact.

    They have had some setbacks over the last couple hundred years, but are doing pretty well lately, as far as I can tell by the news.

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